Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Etsy Taste Test

I love Etsy. But, honestly, I rarely go there unless I'm looking for something specific. And it almost always is for my children. Any time I've just gone to browse around I just get bogged down in how absolutely immense it is.

So when I read about Taste Test, I was intrigued. I've done it several times since then and every time it's new and interesting. And I've found quite a few intriguing shops.

Here is some of what it chose for me today.

Monday, December 27, 2010

What Draws Me In

I have close to one hundred design magazines. Mostly Canadian House and Home or Style at Home. As I put stuff away and moved things around during my holiday decorating, I decided I needed to let them go. Take a quick flip through them, tear out what appealed to me and get rid of the rest.

So my jaw dropped when I read this post on decor8. But today when I flipped through the first issue, I gathered up the torn out pages and really looked at them. Examined them to see what drew me in, how I can incorporate some of that into my own home and what they had in common.

And I learned some interesting things and some obvious things.

1. I'm drawn to the combination of teal/chocolate/white. Not so shocking since a large chunk of my home incorporates those colors.

2. Every image had natural wood paired with a modern or sleek finish. This one was a little new for me. I've not traditionally been drawn to wood finishes but I love the texture and depth they add to a room.

3. Every image had pops of vibrant color. Another unshocking one. This is a common theme in my decor and wardrobe.

Do you take the time to really examine what you like about an image? Do you hold on to old decor magazines (today's was from 2008!)?